O, Hawaii!

24 Jul

Dear Ms. Winfrey:

I have been meaning to write for a while.

I cannot afford to buy your magazine but my mom gives me her copies when she has finished reading them- they are usually out of sync and occasionally missing pages, but every so often the copy I’m reading coincides with the current time of year and I feel like I’ve won a prize.  It is extra nice to sit outside on a humid July afternoon contemplating “Fresh, Sweet Summer Dessert Recipes” or learning about the latest income tax loopholes in March.

So please forgive me if my timing is off.  I recently read your column (recent for me, not you) where you wrote about ways you unwind and get in touch with what makes you happy, with what brings you joy.  You wrote glowingly about how hiking in the hills with your dogs near your house in Hawaii always gives you a renewed perspective and hope for the future.

Owning hills in Hawaii can be stressful.  “Where to hike today?  How long to hike for?  What if the hike leaves me feeling dissatisfied?  And, if I’m so busy hiking in the hills of Hawaii, when will I have time to hike in the hills of my other properties?”  are just some of the many concerns that can suck the mindfulness right out of you.

I empathize, Ms. Winfrey.  There are days when I can feel my inner bliss erode as I am forced to ask myself such annoying questions as: “Will the car start today?  How long until the car dies again?  And, if the car does run, will we have money for gas?”

Often the uncertainties of life become all that I have and hope for the future is, like your magazine, a luxury I can’t afford.

This I know for sure.

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