Does this sound right to you?

17 Sep

I have always believed that my childhood was average.

In the summer we had corn for dinner.  Boiled and dotted with margarine, corn on the cob.  As much as you wanted and nothing else.

Also watermelon.  Cubed, seeded and chilled.  After a dusty day of playing, a dinner of ice cold water melon was not as strange as it sounds.  As much as you wanted and nothing else.  Although it is harder to fill up on watermelon than it is corn.

One of us kids had to hit the side of the television to make the picture work.  Eventually we would argue about whose turn it was to get up and hit the TV and then mom would yell and send us all to our rooms where we did not have our own TVs- some of us didn’t have our own rooms either.

We played with coal.  Pieces that, in my mom’s opinion, had a certain something that deemed them too special for the furnace.  Exceptional pieces stayed on the shelf; those were the pieces we weren’t allowed to touch- the “show towels” of coal if you will.    FYI: coal is really sharp.

Before a visit from our grandparents we had to clean the house like crazy and then disappear.  You could tell they were visiting though, because mom was frazzled and dad was really, really quiet.  Grandma kept wanting to run on up to JCPenney and grandpa spat tobacco juice into the coffee can he always carried.

Sounds right to me.

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