How to lose three pounds in one weekend*

26 Sep

Friday after work: two-hour Ashtanga class.  Achieve first ever unassisted head stand.

Saturday, 8:40 AM: still high from the head stand, I decide to run a 5K that starts in one hour, twenty minutes.

Saturday, 10:41:14 AM.  Finish race.  Not high enough to run at a decent pace, apparently.

Saturday, PM: dance the night away at the Hops Festival Dance.  (The Leftover Cuties– sweet band.)

Sunday, AM: hike Vroman’s Nose.  Elevation: 700 feet.  Time: 28 minutes (with a puppy who pulled me off trail and switched-back like a blindfolded cub scout.)

Sunday, PM: arugula tossed with fresh tomato vinegarette.  Champagne risotto.

Later, Sunday: a hot fudge sundae with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry.

* originally titled “How to lose four pounds in one weekend.”

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