Words I enjoy

23 Oct

dollop: who doesn’t love the dollop?  Wonderfully precise and fun.  Limited in use, but in a wonderfully precise and fun way.

thrift: as a clothing store but, more so, a way life.  Blessed with a stomach that enables me to eat any food regardless of expiration date, I often will.  Like the song says, “you say potato” and my husband says, “you didn’t eat that did you?  That wasn’t a potato, that was a rotten apple.”  Thrifty living made me do it.

tardy: by simply saying “I’m sorry; I’m tardy” you look like a responsible grownup but really, there’s a tiny David Lee Roth in your head and he’s got it bad.

beverage: so vast, it’s the opposite of dollop.  Best of all, when you offer someone a “beverage,” they almost always request water and I have a faucet so the only obstacle between my guest and hydration is a clean glass.

roil: as the kid who got carsick on every Thanksgiving trip to Pennsylvania, I have a special place in my heart (and stomach) for this word.  Plus, with a big enough breath, you can draw out the vowels for as long as you want and end up with a very dramatic onomatopoeia.

even: it adds a childlike sense of wonder to Chicken ala King, even.

perhaps: the ultimate in diplomacy.  As Daniella, while fitting me for a bridesmaid dress asked, “it looks nice; perhaps you want to get something?”  Now, Daniella spoke only Spanish so I just assumed that she was complementing me.  It wasn’t until later, when I tried on the dress for my spouse, and he noted that “perhaps you want to research what Daniella said,” that I realized that “ceñidor que rodea la cintura” means “control top.”  Very diplomatic, that Daniella.

uvula: my son automatically assumed that the uvula has to do with lady parts and for that reason alone, I adore the dangler.

cabinetto:  when you are responsible for a little kid, his entire vocabulary is up to you.  You can teach him that a dog is a “great googly moogly” or that balloons are “pork butts.”  It’s very amusing watching your two-year old have a tantrum at the outdoor concert because he wants the purple pork butt and mommy forgot to bring money.  Cabinetto was our made up word.  It kept the cookies fresh and let me believe that I was raising a bilingual kid.

outen: to shut off.  It’s a Pennsylvania Dutch word I was raised with- “outen the radio and go to bed.”  The quote is from a sister I was raised with.

this’n, that’n, them’s and git: again, Pennsylvania Dutch.  As in: “tell this’n here to go git that’n there so’s we can eat them’s fried tomatoes.

YES: because no means no and yes means everything.

3 Responses to “Words I enjoy”

  1. Norm Magnusson October 25, 2011 at 4:34 pm #

    another lovely post. i still like you even though you’re no longer a director in a high powered arts organization. xono

  2. Cindy October 29, 2011 at 2:53 pm #

    I laughed. I cried. I wet
    my pants. I may have even spit water out onto my floor (partially through my nose, but mostly past my uvula).

  3. Cameron scibek November 2, 2011 at 10:48 pm #

    Thanks for lying to me that I can’t leave comments, so here’s my thoughts. Fried tomato sounds gross, uvula probably should not be described in a blog, I “like” going to penslivana so I don’t know why some one would puke on a journey to such a memorable place( memorable being used for a lack of a better word) ,and finally you got to much time on your hands

    P.s. Still mad

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