2012 Resolution Resolved

3 Jan

Sometime during the 1990’s (big) Oprah said that it was okay to begin a weight loss program with a fast.  Later, in the 00’s (little) Oprah changed her mind.

I know this because I have spent the past three days either in the bathroom vomiting, or on the couch watching old Oprah shows while waiting to vomit.  Well, not so much watching Oprah, more like trying to understand how (any size) Oprah became an industry.  But definitely vomiting.

To (all sizes) Ms. Winfrey I say: “fast…HA!!”

Food poisoning is FAST-er.

To all you other New Year’s Weight Loss/Lifestyle Changers: “you’re doing great!  Keep up the good work!  I hear ya, sister!”

As for me: I’m done.

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