Weakly Reader

8 Aug

Our weekly newspaper has a column (“Kountry Kicks,” Butcher’s Block”- some alliterative white-space taker-upper) that occasionally ventures into “writing about what to write about” territory which, to me, is akin to having celebrity chef  Wolfgang Puck personally serve me one of his frozen pizzas- it’s lazy, uncreative and it cheapens us both.

If I was interested in looming deadlines, chasing the muse or burning the midnight oil, I would send out resumes, ace an interview and get my own damn writing job whereupon I would take you out for Happy Hour (because any job that I landed would certainly not enable me to pay full price for booze- especially in the quantities you consume) and complain about it then- over free Grzyby from 4PM-6PM, Ladies Night Every Tuesday.

When I started FA&S I made one promise to readers and, as my only follower, I was in the unique position of keeping it: free ice cream for the first twenty comments.

I gained three and a half pounds in a month but at least I kept my word.  Toward the end I had to single-scoop it, but still.

I also pledged that I would never scrape the bottom of the subject matter barrel by referencing previous spousal affronts (not when so many new ones are created each week!), mining teen angst or deliberately bashing Mom-she suffered enough through the 90’s wearing pleated jeans (with loafers) and sporting a Boys Regular haircut.  Not that there’s anything wrong with it.  It’s just that there’s everything wrong with it.

So this is me NOT writing about how challenging blogging can be and this is you not complaining about ______.

And together we are changing the world one post at a time.  (Or at least avoiding work.)

Of course, “scraping the bottom of the subject matter barrel” is a cliché and while I also committed to avoiding those, I’m out of time and coming up with new material each week is just so hard.

Next week: “Grzyby: Using the Name of a Polish Mushroom to Make Your Blog Post Longer”.

One Response to “Weakly Reader”

  1. Guy Garrett August 11, 2012 at 11:16 am #

    Hey, I left a reply and it is not here. How am I going to make it in the blog scene if you dump my space taker upper? This one is a little weak, Are you running out of wit?

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