Sunshine Fair 2012

15 Aug

I rode Zero Gravity because I bought a wristband and, in order to at least break even, I needed one more ride under my belt.  Besides, weightlessness?  I’d be a fool not to (or would I?).

Note to self (and other thrifty fair-goers): Zero Gravity + undiagnosed ear infection = epic loss of balance, nausea and hearing impairment for three full days.  I almost couldn’t enjoy my funnel cake.  At first, I ate one just to make sure that I felt okay.  The second one was all about greasy powdered sugar, no cinnamon: I’m a purist.

Serendipity was that months earlier I offered to take Spouse and Boy to a concert (Brandi Carlile) that promised, if nothing else, to be LOUD.  That ear infection was really in my favor.  Here’s how:

unable to hear Boy ask “when’s the concert?” for two days prior: awesome.

Remaining completely ignorant of Spouse criticizing my driving to and from the concert: doubly awesome.  Note: I do not “sway to and fro” under normal circumstances (see “loss of balance” above and, yes, I heard you) nor do I consume two funnel cakes in one evening.  Okay, that last part is a lie.

Finally, being able to enjoy a loud rock show without wearing uncomfortable ear plugs: Bohemian Rhapsodic.  Which, coincidentally (or is it?) Brandi Carlile performed quite well.

I’m not saying that Zero Gravity is for everyone.  Neither is thriftiness nor ear infections.  But an occasional aligning of the planets?

I’m all for gravity when that happens.

See you next year at the fair.

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