Three little words

14 Nov

Having witnessed, firsthand, the power that three words can harness, I am vowing right here and now to use these words as much as I can until the world is a better place.

Of course the world would also be a better place if people didn’t go around chopping their legs “with an ax” but until then, I will pepper everything I say with “with an ax” and then hold for the shock and awe response to which I feel entitled.

Case in point: when I called my mom and told her that The Boy spent the day in the ER having cut his leg and getting stitches she replied: “Oh my.  I’m glad to hear he’s doing fine now.”  When I amended things and told her that The Boy cut his leg “with an ax!” her response was this: “Oh my!  I’m glad to hear he’s doing fine now!”

Already you can see how the words “with an ax” take ordinary sentences and turn them into proclamations!  Just like that.  (Also three words but we’re talking about me now.)

Imagine the power.  When the Food King cashier asks if this is “credit or debit?” and you reply that you’ll be using credit “with an ax!” you may even get your groceries for free.  Or they may call the police.  Love is a battlefield.

With Thanksgiving coming up, now is the perfect time for those three words; “Oh Grandpa, let me cut you a slice of pumpkin pie.”  “With an ax!”  Score.

Of course, telling a musician that you really dig his leads “with an ax” will get you nowhere.  So there’s that.

Words have power.  Words will always have power.

The pen will forever be “mightier than the sword” (Edward Bulwer-Lytton) however,

the sword “with an ax” plus a pen (and a fox in a box, optional) are all a person needs to rule the world.

Three little words: fresh air & sarcasm.  We don’t count ampersands here.

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