Just say it already

2 May

blog image leonard cohen 2

Somehow The Boy and I ended up in a conversation about character flaws and I encouraged him to tell me one of mine.

What the hell.  I was feeling generous and we were bonding and I was not yet aware of the talcum powder explosion in his room so “you’re a yeller” was not his first response.

What he offered, instead, was this:

“Well, I don’t want to say that you’re flighty or that you can be unfocused.  You’re energetic and somewhat crazy, but that’s not quite right either.”

Continuing to sound like a fortune cookie fortune, he went on:

“You freak out at the slightest thing and get cranky when you don’t drink enough water.  I hesitate calling you moody because I think that some mood swings are caused by hormone imbalances but if I even mention hormones you become insane even though you are a girl and part of being a girl is acting crazy because of a hormone imbalance.

I would say that you are a “less than stellar cook” except you make that lentil bean loaf that I really like so that rules that out.

You read a lot and sometimes you don’t look up when I am speaking but do I really want to waste this opportunity by naming reading- and not even very good books by the way- as a flaw?  Also you talk on the phone to the same people about the same things as far as I can tell.  Who cares about coupons anyway?

And the way you insist on hanging laundry outside when we have a perfectly good clothes dryer is something I’ll never understand.  Then you just go on and on about how heavy the basket is and how when you were a kid you wore the same pants two or three times before you washed them.

You always open the car window even if it’s freezing out.

I want to say that your singing is terrible but your Cindy Lauper impression is spot on and sometimes you sound just like Leonard Cohen without even trying!

I guess I’ll say that you’re feisty.  You know, feisty in a good way.  In a good, flawed way.”

And I offer, in return, that The Boy is honest.  In a good way I guess.  You know, honest.

Hey, at least he knows who Leonard Cohen is.

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