A Recipe for the Blues

24 Jun


To one woman, lady, baby, girl, babygirl, corazón, or loverman add

another woman, lady, baby, girl, babygirl, corazón, and/or loverman.

(For a spicier version definitely add another woman.)

Sprinkle liberally with action verbs like:

drinkin’, cheatin’, lyin’;

leavin’, stayin’, cryin’ or

workin’, beggin’ and dyin’.

Introduce a level of complexity by adding an activity such as:


“mistreating” or

“getting your ham bones boiled.”

Add optional ingredients to further customize your recipe.   The following have resulted in successful outcomes: peaches, pork chops, wine, whiskey and Tangueray.

When your mix is complete, place it on a mode of transportation-preferably a train.  But not just any train- the  midnight train is best.  You may substitute a morning train or the more generic “night” train but avoid scooters, Smart cars and Rollerblades as results cannot be guaranteed.  In a pinch, you may also utilize an old pick up.  Or walk.  With no shoes on your feet.

Ride the train to: Georgia, Chicago, Kansas City, Memphis, St. Louis, New Orleans or “The Crossroads” where, upon arrival, you will regain your mojo and take it back to the bridge.

Garnish liberally with an “oo-ee”, “uh-huh,” “boom boom boom boom” or “alright” and top off with a question or two such as: “can I get?” or “do you feel?”

Blend until smooth.

Serves one.

One Response to “A Recipe for the Blues”

  1. R. Snyder June 28, 2013 at 8:47 am #

    I think we can take a good guess at a rollerblade out come, liked falling to the knees, brushing the dirt from your hands, or wiping the mess of your face.

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