Report Card Day

24 Oct

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If you can find any reason, at all, to celebrate Report Card Day, do it.

A “good sense of humor” comment from the Algebra teacher = happy dance around the kitchen.  (Never mind that statistics is, by far, the wittiest of all maths and that, in most instances, two trains leaving from the North and South will, at best, avoid collision or, at worst, successfully deliver all passengers to their Italian cruise ship.)

So you take that FM radio station GPA (89.2 on your dial) and parade through the house.  Because putting on socks and shoes and parading outside the house is for 90 and above GPAs.

“Coffee is for closers.” ~ from Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet.

Also I refuse to acknowledge that sock weather is here- my last pedicure still looks fabulous.

The Boy is, right now, at the peak of report card pride.  Call the grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles and wait for those $5 and $10 congratulatory cards to roll in because the next few report cards will be a series of rolling hills and valleys followed by the February slump topped off with an end-of-year gain due to improved weather and several teachers on the cusp of retirement.

Besides, a stellar report card is one of the few ways that a fifteen-year-old can make money without having to be driven (by me) somewhere.

But what is Report Card Day really?

When your spouse travels for work, (he says “too much,” I say “you think so?”) the report card is certainly a means for Spouse to track The Boy’s academic progress, and, sadly, a way for him to note some of the smaller elements that make up an education.  Things like attitude and citizenship and…tardiness.

Now, as a mother, I, along with scores of pediatricians, doctors, nutritionists, mental health practitioners and Oprah, have always maintained that sleep is essential for growth.  Sleep is where problem-solving and dreams occur.  It’s where the body can heal and mend and grow.

So Spouse, knowing that, I think that you and I can agree that while The Boy is doing great academically, where he really stands out, where his hard work and dedication shines is in the crazy amount of GROWTH (and healing and mending) he has demonstrated in just one marking period.

PS: we have an appointment with the attendance office on Monday.  Please be on time.

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