Lyle Lovett is Dreamy

8 Jan

blog image chocolate jumbos

I have run into Lyle Lovett three times now.  (In my dreams.)

Last night, we were both in the medical center waiting area when one of his songs came on over the PA.  No one else realized that the very artist to whom they were listening was sitting right there in the room so I walked over to him and said “isn’t it weird when one of your own songs is played around you?”

And he replied: “does that happen to you a lot?”

(Lyle Lovett is very snarky in dreams.)

In concert, he is witty and intelligent with a musical range that is all over the map and always tight.

And while he once made the strange decision to marry Julia (unworthy) Roberts, the breadth of his life experience eventually finds its way into his work- which is the hallmark of any good artist or writer (just saying).

Of course, Mr. Lovett also appeared in “The Player” and “Shortcuts” so let’s hope that not every experience funnels into his art.

Meanwhile, for the reasons named above and because “fat babies have no pride” is a classic, Mr. Lovett is invited to be the first guest blogger on FA&S.

If you see him (in the real world) won’t you let him know?

I’m not sure he reads this.

(But he should.)

Finally, a note about personal experience impacting one’s work: eating leftover chocolate jumbos (as if- more like eating previously undiscovered chocolate jumbos) while drinking Prosecco and listening to “Joshua Judges Ruth” then going straight to bed may result in awesome dreams and instant blog posts.

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