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Look Ma, No Cavities!

20 Feb

blog image bitten oreo

The following life events forced me to threaten the dental hygienist:

#1: I was early.

#2: She was late.

That’s all.  But on the rare occasion when #1 does happen, my entire c’est la vie philosophy collapses and I focus, instead, on time wasted waiting at the dentist’s office.  Let’s see, twice a year @ 10 minutes per visit… well, that’s time I could happily squander thinking about joining a gym, snacking while trying to figure out what to eat or looking for my keys.  So I’m sure you understand my ire.

And so, after waiting a total of 25 minutes without being seen, it was time to pull out the big gun.  Just one.

After inquiring about the delay, I simply told reception that I would be “over there, eating Oreos while I wait.”

I got a cleaning and X-rays right away without ever having to remove the lid from my coffee or unwrap the tuna sub.

Six months from now, I’m packing Double Stuff.

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