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Words with such little gravitas, they anger me. (Also: a children’s folk tale.)

28 Sep

broth: so whiny and non-committal and whiny.  It’s the Joe Lieberman of soups.  It’s not even a soup, it’s an ingredient.  A true cook uses stock to make soup; in the dusty annals of your grandma’s house is where broth is served.  With ants on a log and nothing more.  By 4PM.  And the ants are extra dry.  Parched.

chill: what the broth means to remedy.  I don’t chase chills; I chase thrills.  And when I’m cold, I’m frigid, numb, wintry, perhaps.  When Joe Lieberman is cold, he dons a sweater vest because “most chills are felt primarily in the torsoooooo.”  (I hear him in my mind: that’s why I added the quotation marks.)

Joe Lieberman does not chill, my friend, Joe Lieberman feels chilly and poof! there goes your gravitas.

draft: precedes the chill which precipitates the broth (precedes and precipitates- dictionary game on!)  Which angers me because we just insulated the entire house.

The house that Jack built.

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