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What Summer Means to Me (hint: it’s neither flip flops nor frisbee although frisbee is awesome and flip flops are gross)

7 Jun

In a word, mayonnaise.  And that’s if I’m feeling fancy.

Otherwise, mayo.

Unless I need a dose of moral superiority, then it’s Vegenaise.

Full fat, not light and definitely not a whip or a dressing.  You miracle people know who you are and you are wrong.

Summer is potato salad, mac salad and tomato sandwiches.

Maybe a BLT.  Followed by a hammock.

Opt for fake bacon and your superior points increase.

Grow your own lettuce for triple point score.  Grow your own arugula and you win.

And that’s what summer is about.  Beating the pants off my neighbors in a food/relaxation challenge.

Game on.

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