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15 Oct

david lee roth blog image

I know it’s wrong to base your life’s philosophy on a Van Halen song but sometimes you just have to jump.

Might as well.

And things turned out okay for David Lee Roth, right?

The thing about jumping is, at some point, you’re going to land.

Now before you yell at me for going to the ER with a broken toe, let me just say that I went to the ER not only because I hurt my toe, but, also, because I have an awesome shoe collection.

And while it is true that I was jumping and demonstrating some old cheerleader moves while wearing someone else’s shoes, it is also true that anyone can walk a mile in a stranger’s shoes.  It takes a warrior to herkey.  (What?  You didn’t know that I was once a cheerleader?  Surely my peppy attitude, unsinkable optimism, and amazing yelling capacity gave it away.)

Go Spouse!  Go!  (I mean it.  Just go.)

So one copay and an X-ray later, here I am.

Getting up while at the same time, having nothing get me down.

And that, my friends, answers the question: *What Would David Lee Roth Do?


The Inauguration

23 Jan

blog image guess sandal

I got caught up in the moment and found myself filled with optimism and hope.

So I did what any proud American woman who finds herself filled with optimism and hope would do and ordered a new pair of shoes (full price!) from the GUESS website knowing that Spring, like universal health care, will come, that the time for the America I have envisioned is now and that a nice platform sandal will be part of my peep toe rotation for years.

As for the dress?  Well, that’s what happens when optimism and hope get ahold of me.

Buying a dress that is a size too small (but on sale!) is a pledge to a happier, fitter and more frugal me!  And, like I said to Spouse, “who wouldn’t want me to be happier and healthier while saving money?”

It was a rhetorical question but I’m sure he had something to say.

I was too busy “optimisting” my way through the Nordstrom, Victoria’s Secret and Carvel websites while “hoping” that the credit card was approved.

“Optimisting” is a great word that I made up.  It’s from the Latin “optimum” and it means to shop the best online sales while MSNBC is on in the background, a President is being sworn in, the kids are home from school and that “Fire and Rain” guy just won’t quit.  Optimisting can get expensive.

(PS: Am I the only person on the planet who thinks that Rachel Maddow is adorable?  Also, that she has garnered enough power to hire correspondents who look like her is awesome.  Go, Rachel, go!)

And so, my fellow Americans, while FA&S has, until now, maintained its political neutrality, I must confess to you today, that I am totally partisan.

I go to all of them.

And I look pretty darn fabulous too.

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